Ralph Moorman (16/7/1976) is a health coach and has a masters degree in food technology.

From a very early age, he has been interested in biology. And he is a real nature lover, which is why he spends a lot of his leisure time outdoors, sportively or otherwise. Ralph Moorman was a member of student athletics association Tartlétos in Wageningen. He would run distances from 200 metres up to a half-marathon and even a full one. He even completed a whole triathlon once! In addition, he was involved in natural bodybuilding.

Back to the subject of food – Ralph Moorman has tried out many different methods himself in order to find out the effects personally. From his background as a scientist, he has observed that what has been scientifically proven, is not always practically viable. By logically observing nature – and sticking close to it – Ralph Moorman not only achieved the best results for himself, but also for the many clients he advised during the customised programme: The hormonefactor.

What modern man consumes is lightyears removed from what nature is offering. It became his ambition to make people aware of this. And Ralph Moorman continues beyond just warning consumers and pointing out producers’ responsibilities to them. He is helping food companies develop healthy and fair alternatives that fit into our current society and present-day life. His background as a Food Technologist comes in handy here.


2013-today Ambassador EkoPlaza

Ralph dedicates himself to pure and unprocessed food. He prefers organic food and intends to contribute in this way.

2013-today Food advisor

He advises companies to turn their product or product range into a healthier one. In his advice, he will include ingredients, technology and trends.

2011-today Instructor Sonnevelt College

Instructor for self-developed training course of Hormone Factor Adviser. A 10-day training course for healthcare professionals who want to learn more about the relationship between the endocrine system and lifestyle.

2010-today Corporate Adviser health/nutrition

He advises companies in order to improve their employees’ health. Aspects involve canteen food, exercise during working hours, and stress reduction.

2009-today Public speaker  

He gives lectures and workshops on a number of subjects, including ‘the Hormone Factor programme’, ‘food and groceries the healthy way’, ‘beauty from within’ and ‘vitality at work’.

2006-today Personal Trainer

He provides one-to-one and one-to-two trainings. A personal training also involves food-related and stress-reduction advice.

2006-2013 Hormone Factor Coach

Lifestyle coach using the self-developed Hormone Factor programme. Consultations about health in relation to the endocrine system.

2005-2009 Special Sports Amstelveen

Fitness & Lifestyle coach.

2001-2003 Numico Research

Research for the American manufacturer of sports supplements GNC.


2003-2010 Euromedicom/A4M

Medical seminars in the areas of hormones, health, anti-ageing, and regenerative medicine.

2003-2005 NSCA, CSCS

American certification in the area of sports; a prerequisite to obtain a bachelor’s or master’s degree.

1995-2001 Food Technology at Wageningen University

Ralph received this training at a time when ready-made meals were booming. His studies focussed on the heavy processing of food and the use of additives in order to maximise profit and obtain patents. Such food is far removed from nature – in fact, Ralph Moorman considers it an experiment with public health, for which almost nobody will have made a conscious choice. He believes that a delicious and nutritious product can be made without any of these heavily processed ingredients or additives. Ralph Moorman pursues transparency of the current supermarket range, especially containing pure and fair alternatives.


2014 Hans Halveert

In Hans Halveert (literally: Hans is cutting down his weight by half), Ralph Moorman describes the physical reduction – by half – of Hans van der Beek; an overweight, chain-smoking editor with the Dutch daily newspaper Het Parool. This book has been compiled using the successful columns by Hans and Ralph in Het Parool.

2013 The Groceries Coach

The Groceries Coach (De Boodschappencoach) presents good buys and bad buys in the supermarket, including explanations why some products represent good choices and others are better left on the shelf.

2010 The Hormone Balance Diet

The Hormone Balance Diet (Het Hormoonbalansdieet) contains some 78 recipes and tips to obtain a healthy body and healthy body weight.

2009 The Hormone Factor

The Hormone Factor (De Hormoonfactor) discusses the endocrine system in further detail and how you may influence it.

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